Construction and Demolition Wastes

Construction and demolition (C&D) wastes are solid wastes resulting from the construction, repair, demolition, or razing of buildings, of roads, and other structures.

Commercial Customer Procedures to Bring C&D Wastes to Central Maui Landfill

Commercial customers who would like to bring C&D wastes to Central Maui Landfill must have a valid landfill account and C&D Number (required after April 1, 2016). The Central Maui Landfill will only accept C&D wastes Monday through Friday from 6AM through 1PM. C&D will not be accepted on Saturdays and County Holidays. Loads consisting predominantly (i.e. greater than 50% by volume) of lightweight materials such as Styrofoam, shredded paper, and sandblast material will only be accepted on Monday through Friday from 6AM to 8AM. The County must issue a C&D Number before disposal can begin. Maui County Landfills will not accept Commercial C&D wastes without a C&D Job Number after April 1, 2016.

To Open a Landfill Account and Obtain a C&D Number

  1. Go to Central Maui Landfill and fill out the Landfill Account Application form.
  2. Upon approval of your Landfill Account, conduct a hazardous waste assessment and testing to ensure that C&D wastes delivered do not contain hazardous wastes.
  3. Read through all terms and conditions and complete the Declaration of Non-Hazardous Construction and Demolition Waste Form and mail it in to the Central Maui Landfill.
      Central Maui Landfill
      P.O Box 518
      Puunene, Hi 96784
  4. Approval of the site specific C&D Number may require up to 15 business days.
  5. C&D Numbers expire in six months. After this period, you must submit a new Declaration of Non-Hazardous Construction and Demolition Waste Form for a new C&D Job Number for another maximum six month period.
  6. If additional transporters other than the hauler specified on the Declaration will be used, you must submit an additional separate copy of the Declaration form.
  7. Transporter(s) shall give the C&D Job Number to the landfill scalehouse attendant for every commercial C&D waste delivery.

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