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Sep 05

Committee will continue Waikapu Gardens Phase II discussion on Sept. 12

Posted on September 5, 2013 at 12:00 AM by Office of Council Services

via @mauicounty: Land Use Committee will continue Waikapu Gardens Phase II discussion on Sept. 12 #affordablehousing ___________


WAILUKU, MAUI, HAWAII – The Maui County Council’s Land Use Committee needs more time to examine the proposed Waikapu Gardens Phase II affordable-housing project, Committee Chair Robert Carroll announced yesterday.

The Committee adjourned late Wednesday afternoon and will post a new agenda to continue its review on Thursday, Sept. 12, at 9 a.m. Testimony will again be accepted. 

Land Use Committee meeting on Waikapu Gardens Phase 2
“It’s not easy to get affordable housing,” Committee Chair Carroll said before adjournment of the meeting. “We need to seriously consider every aspect of the request, and we are very constrained by time.”

The deadline for Council action is Oct. 10, pursuant to the State law that puts qualified affordable-housing projects on an accelerated approval timeline. The Committee aims to submit its recommendations on a resolution approving, disapproving or approving with modifications the 48-unit project in Central Maui for the Oct. 4 Council meeting.

Council Chair Gladys Baisa committed to support the Committee in finding an acceptable schedule for the body. “This is a very important discussion, but I am not a dreamer -- we may not finish on the 12th,” Baisa said.

Discussion today included comments from County departments on how requested project exemptions from fees including water development and sewer fees will impact various operations and infrastructure. Council members requested more information on the total estimated cost of the project’s proposed exemptions from various State and County laws and projected sales prices of the affordable homes, if the project is approved. 

Testifiers at today’s meeting expressed support for the project. 

“Thank you for giving me and my wife the opportunity to own a home,” testifier Cornelius Patrick said. Other testifiers explained that many Maui residents move to the Mainland because they can no longer afford to live in the County. 

Another testifier, Mele Strickland, said she supports the project for her children, especially for her son. “I want to have him focus on a home when he comes back from Afghanistan,” she said.

The Committee held a site inspection earlier in the day with project developer JES Corporation. The 10.501-acre property is located at the corner of East Waiko and Waiale Roads in Waikapu.

Waikapu Gardens Phase II Site Visit
Project consultant Vince Bagoyo described the development as “something very unique because it is 100 percent affordable.” The project will provide a total of 48 single-family dwelling units for families earning 80 percent to 140 percent of Maui County’s median family income. 

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