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The Maui County Council is a nine-member legislative body of officials who are elected on at-large basis (i.e., all County voters can cast votes for all nine seats), one each from nine residency areas. Each Council member is elected for a two-year term.

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Sep 09

Hana, Lanai and Molokai get interactive

Posted on September 9, 2013 at 12:00 AM by Office of Council Services


The County Council initiated interactive communications access to provide for remote testimony from Hana, Lanai, and Molokai last December.

Members of the public voted for greater ease in testifying from the three remote locations in last year’s November 6 election, activating a plan of action that had been prepared for well in advance. 

If you are a resident of Hana, Lanai, or Molokai and want to provide testimony to the Council or one of its committees on an issue that is important to you, there is no need to commute to Wailuku. Simply get in touch with our district offices, and they will assist you. 

To better get you acquainted, let’s introduce our district office staff.

HANA: Dawn Lono
Dawn Lono
Hana is one of the County’s treasures, with many active community members who are willing to speak up about East Maui matters. Dawn Lono, the Hana District Office Council Aide, explains Hana residents are passionate about cultural preservation and family ties.

“The community will unite and speak out about important issues and concerns,” Dawn said. “There are still areas of East Maui that do not have Internet access and modern conveniences, which makes having a Council district office very important.”

Hana residents are encouraged to take advantage of the availability of remote testimony (and the convenience of not having to drive 3 hours). Dawn thinks the district office will be an even more useful asset to Hana when more people become aware of this opportunity.

When Dawn is not busy with Hana constituent priorities and community meetings, she spends time with her grandchildren camping by the ocean. If there are further questions about the Hana District Office, people are welcome to “go talk story” with Dawn. She can be reached at 248-7513 or 

LANAI: Denise Fernandez
Denise Fernandez
The residents of the beautiful Island of Lanai can now walk two blocks from their homes to submit testimony to the Council and its committees. Lanai District Office Council Aide Denise Fernandez greets constituents with a big smile. 

“Residents have mentioned how great it is to testify to the Council without the need to travel to Maui by ferry or plane.” said Denise. “It is important because it gives the community a chance to voice their opinion on various agenda items and issues.” 

Denise said that everyone is busy on Lanai, but when there are issues and bills proposed that directly affect residents, they make time to participate in government and state their concerns. 

When not working, Dawn enjoys outdoor activities with her husband, Alan, and 8-year old daughter. 

Centrally located on 8th Street in the Lanai Community Center (the Old Bowling Alley) across the street from Cafe 565, Denise can be reached at 565-7094 or

MOLOKAI: Ella Alcon
Ella Arcon
Ella Alcon, the Molokai District Office Council Aide, takes great pride working for and serving the Molokai community. She says most Friendly Isle residents are proud of their rural lifestyle. When issues concerning the community of Molokai arise, Ella is happy to assist in ensuring residents’ concerns are heard. 

“Those who have testified are thankful that they don’t have to take the ferry or fly to Maui to participate in government,” Ella said. “It is now an unnecessary expense.  For us on Molokai, we have very limited flights, and they are usually small planes.”
As a businesswoman after office hours, Ella understands the dedication and time it takes to care for something as significant as Molokai’s way of life. She said providing assistance to her community keeps her on her toes the same way her 4-year old mo`opuna (granddaughter) does. 

Visit Ella at the Molokai district office located at 100 Ainoa Street in Kaunakakai, Molokai. She can be reached at 533-3888 or

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