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Dec 20

Valuing Disagreement

Posted on December 20, 2013 at 12:00 AM by Office of Council Services


Councilmember Elle Cochran's Opening Remarks, Dec. 20 Council meeting

“There is no need to be joined at the head; we are joined already by our human hearts.”
-Margaret Wheatley

If we all agreed on everything, what would our lives be like? Noticing the places where we agree or disagree sounds simple, and yet, many times we find ourselves on one side or another, attacking or defending without even being aware of what we really believe. 

Councilmember Elle Cochran

Realizing that agreement is not any better than disagreement, even though we've been conditioned to have it feel better, is a great place to start. An even better place may be to recognize that creative new ideas are birthed because people disagree.

Some of us habitually jump into dissention as a way of living. We don't have to go far to find dissenting opinions. Our children will probably decide that our wisdom is not their wisdom. Our colleagues may have opposing opinions on how to spend money. How then, shall we go about our conversations and decision making?

Dare to question. Be committed to revealing the truth. Stand in the light of integrity in all your doings and always speak from a place of honesty.

Seeing others perspectives and valuing disagreements helps us grow and discover what we and others are made of.

Just one of the challenges and rewards of this job. 

Season’s greetings to all! 

Looking forward to prosperous, healthy and very happy new year.

# # #


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