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Nov 19

Mayor Shares Good News from Maui County to Media in his Honolulu Day Trip

Posted on November 19, 2012 at 1:02 PM by Office of Council Services

Mayor Alan Arakawa went on a whirlwind Honolulu media tour on Friday, November 16, talking to news anchors and reporters about the latest happenings from Maui County. The interviews started at 6 a.m. and didn't stop until just before 10 a.m.
  The first stop was at KITV4 News This Morning, where Mayor Arakawa was interviewed by anchor Jill Kurumoto about the county's plans for a waste to energy operation at the Central Maui Landfill. Later Jill asked the mayor about his trip to Lanai last month and his thoughts of the improvements to the community that billionaire Larry Ellison had initiated.

  After the interview Mayor Arakawa presented KITV's morning news crew a sampling of some of the food from Maui. Click HERE to see the video. The spread included stick doughnuts and butter rolls from Komoda Bakery, cream horns from Stillwell's Bakery & Cafe and some all natural, homemade organic spreads courtesy of Spago's Executive Chef Cameron Lewark. Traffic and weather anchor Moani Nabarro said she loved the guava goat cheese while anchor Mahealani Richardson couldn't get enough of the vanilla honey.
  Arakawa on TV.jpg
  From there Mayor Arakawa fought traffic to get to the studios of Hawaii News Now, where he was interviewed by noted business reporter Howard Dicus. Howard congratulated Mayor Arakawa on live TV for Maui County being able to significantly reduce its financing costs with the recent sale of $70.2 million in general obligation bonds at a record low interest rate of 2.18 percent. As with KITV Howard also asked the mayor about Lanai and his thoughts on the changes made my Larry Ellison.
  The next stop was at KHON where reporter Taizo Braden sat down with the mayor for a good 45 minutes and interviewed him on the waste to energy project and the axis deer problem. KHON had just received some YouTube video of an axis deer being rescued in Wailea after it jumped off a cliff and into the ocean and asked the mayor for his comments. Watch the video here! The mayor noted that the axis deer are everywhere and their food is running out, so they are expanding their territory and getting into more trouble in populated areas.
  Finally Mayor Arakawa met renewable energy reporter Alan Yonan at the newsroom of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser where he once again spoke about the waste to energy project. Lanai was brought up again as well as a summary of the Lanai trip as well. After that Mayor Arakawa had a quick brunch meeting then headed off to the airport to catch a flight back to Maui.
  It was a great trip and a very productive one as far as being able to squeeze so many media interviews in a span of about four hours. 


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