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Jul 26

Riki's Corner: Maui County Budget Highlights for Lanai

Posted on July 26, 2013 at 12:00 AM by Office of Council Services

This article was published on Lanai Today's July 15, 2013 issue.

Lanai Today image

Aloha, Lanai residents! As the island’s representative on the Maui County Council, I’m providing highlights of the recently adopted FY 2014 County Budget (July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014).

Budget highlights for Lanai
Lanai-specific appropriations include the following:
  • Community-based island disaster plan ($25,000); 
  • E Malama I Na Keiki O Lanai Preschool ($81, 380); 
  • Lanai Community Health Center ($77,868); 
  • Coalition for a Drug Free Lanai ($40,788); 
  • Lanai Youth Center ($149,100); 
  • Lanai Animal Rescue Center ($10,000); 
  • Lanai Watershed ($100,000 provided that organizations secure matching funds); 
  • Lanai Recycling Center Paving ($75,000); 
  • Lanai Skateboard Park ($25,000); 
  • Lanai Brush Truck ($125,000); 
  • Lanai Community Health Center Infrastructure ($168,256); and 
  • Planning, Design, and Engineering of the Lanai Affordable Housing Project, Phase 1 ($1,000,000).
Other appropriations that Lanai would be eligible for include the following:
  • Metals and Abandoned Vehicles Program ($512,532 total appropriation with no specific amount for Lanai); 
  • Project Graduation (Lanai High would be eligible for $5,150); 
  • Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows Leadership ($25,000 total appropriation with no specific amount for Lanai); 
  • Festivals of Aloha ($25,000 total appropriation to be equally divided among Maui, Molokai, Hana and Lanai); 
  • Soil/Water Conservation Districts – Molokai and Lanai ($15,450); and 
  • Recreation and Support Services Program ($75,000 for Parks Building and Painting on Lanai).

Also, there are County-wide grants in the FY 1014 budget that Lanai agencies and organizations could apply for. 
  • Grants under the Department of Housing and Human Concerns include the following ($ Total Available Funds County-wide): Grants and disbursements for affordable rental housing programs ($849,750); Grants for Community Partnership grants ($1,110,845); Early Childhood Programs ($103,000); Services to the Frail and Elderly ($603,477); Homeless Programs ($641,000); Self Sufficiency Programs ($144,200); Women Helping Women ($195,000); Substance Abuse Programs ($602,500); Youth Alcohol Education Awareness Programs ($150,000); and Youth Programs ($107,108).
  • Grants under the Office of the Mayor – Office of Economic Development ($ Total Available Funds County-wide): Agricultural Promotion ($103,000); Environmental Protection (($1,158,750); Cultural & Arts Program ($65,920); Film Industry Promotion ($75,000); and Grants and disbursements for Economic Development Initiatives ($206,000).
  • Grant under the Department of Water Supply ($ Total Available Funds County-wide): Grant for County-wide Watershed Protection ($200,000).

I look forward to hearing from you on matters of interest to our community. Please contact Ms. Denise Fernandez, Council Services Support Staff on Lanai, at 565-7094 or call me at the County office in Wailuku, Maui at (808) 270-7768.

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