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Aug 16

Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies -

Posted on August 16, 2013 at 4:33 PM by Lois Whitney

Dear Mayor: 

Q We purchased our home about four years ago, and the previous owner, a contractor, left several 5-gallon containers of latex and oil based paint and various solvents. They are not usable anymore and we want to get rid of them. I want to dispose of everything properly. How do I do this? Who should I call to find out what to do?

A: Questions about hazardous waste and recycling in general can be directed to the Department of Environmental Management website, The EPA has two categories of hazardous waste. If it’s generated by a home, it’s considered Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) but if it’s generated by a business, it’s classified as Commercial Hazardous Waste. According to EPA regulations, all HHW can be disposed of in Subtitle “D” landfills; all County landfills are Subtitle “D.” Liquids present a problem, and the public is asked to NOT put liquid HHW in your County refuse container, as it may damage the truck and/or cause fires as rubbish is compacted.  Instead, HHW liquids should be absorbed, triple bagged, and taken to the landfill or a convenience center like Olowalu. Small amounts of liquids may be evaporated, and small quantities of paint can be dried out then disposed of in your refuse can. However, Commercial Hazardous Waste must be properly disposed of by a Hazardous Waste Disposal (HWD) company. For more information, call the Recycle Maui County Hotline at 270-7880. You can also email questions to


  • Oasis Environmental, ph. (808) 529-1300
  • Enviro Services, ph. (808) 375-6593
  • Cameron Chemical, ph. (808) 695-2999.


Malama Maui Nui* (Community Work Day Program), ph. 877-2524

Reusable latex/oil-based paint or paint thinner or solvents can be brought to Malama Maui Nui/Community Work Day. Paint products from both residents and businesses are accepted; last year 1,300 gallons of paint were recycled.

Habitat for Humanity* ReStore, ph. 986-8050

Free paint/donate paint: If you need paint, it’s available free of charge. Labeled, unopened paint can also be donated at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, located at 970 Lower Main Street, Wailuku.

*Both Malama Maui Nui and Habitat for Humanity are recipients of DEM Recycling Grants.


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