Reporting Problems 

Reporting/Road Drainage/Flood Problems 

Contact respective district office during normal working hours 7:00am to 3:30pm; except for Hana 6:30am to 3:00pm:

Hana District: (808) 248-8254
Lahaina District: (808) 270-4370
Lanai District: (808) 565-7086
Makawao District: (808) 572-7272
Molokai District: (808) 553-3222
Wailuku District: (808) 270-7443

After hours call Maui Police Department at (808)244-6400

Reporting Site Distance Problems 

Problems regarding site distance at intersections are handled by the Department of Public Works Engineering Division at (808) 270-7745

Reporting Street Light Problems 

Call the Maui Electric Company’s 24-hour trouble call number:
Maui - (808) 871-7777
Molokai and Lanai - 1 (877) 871-8461

They will ask you for the pole number located on the pole) and the location of the street light.

Reporting Street Trees and Median Problems 

Problems related to street trees and landscaped medians are handled by the County Parks and Recreation Department at (808) 270-7230

Reporting Traffic Sign & Pavement Marking Problems 

Contact the Traffic Signs and Markings office at (808) 270-5709 during normal operating hours 7:00am to 3:30pm.

Call the Maui Police Department at
(808) 244-6400 during off duty hours

Reporting Traffic Signals Problems 

Contact the traffic signal office at (808) 270-7910 during normal operating hours of 7:00am to 3:00pm.

Call the Maui Police Department at
(808) 244-6400 during off duty hours.