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Where is it now?

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1. Why are we changing things?
2. How do I get to the old website?
3. Why do my bookmarks not work?
4. New website organization
5. Basic Navigation
6. Where is the “What is new?” section that was on the Home web page of the old site?
7. Where is the “Calendar of Events” that was on the Home web page on the old site?
8. Where is Civil Defense and Emergency Information Displayed?
9. Where are the Press releases?
10. Where is County Contact information?
11. Where do I find County Department Forms and Applications?
12. How do I find County locations and phone numbers?
13. Where is the Department of Water Supply site?
14. Where is the Boards and Commissions menu?
15. How do I add or remove my email from the county notifications list?
16. How do I see Road Notifications or sign up for emails?
17. How do I sign up to receive current Job Posting by email?
18. Where is the Current Maui Weather information?
19. Why do I only see part of the new website and have to keep scrolling left and right?
20. How do I find Links to other government and agency sites?
21. How do I contact the Web Manager?

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