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Legislation - Adopted
This information is provided as a resource for community involvement. Please note this information may be subject to change in the review process.

Adopted Legislation (Since 2011)

 Bill Establishing Chapter 19.27A Park Districts; and Repealing Chapters 19.27 and 19.615 Maui Central Park and Park Districts 12/04/2015
 Bill Amending Chapter 2.80B Public Hearing Requirements for Amendments to the Maui Island Plan 12/22/2014
 Bill Amending Section 2.80B.030 Applicability of the General Plan to Ministerial Permits and Approvals  12/22/2014
 Bill Amending Title 19.14 Hotel Districts 02/08/2014
 Bill Amending Title 19.18 B-2 Community Business District 12/09/2013
 Bill Amending Title 19.22 B-R Resort Commercial District  12/09/2013 
 Bill Amending Title 19.10 Two Family (Duplex) District 11/01/2013
 Bill Amending Title 19.12 Apartment District 11/01/2013 
 Bill Amending Title 19 Transient Vacation Rentals 09/27/2013
 Bill Amending Section 19.04.040 General Provisions and Definitions; Amending Section 19.31 Public/Quasi-Public District 06/26/2013
 Bill Repealing Chapter 19.02; Amending Title 19 Regulations Generally & General Provisions & Definitions  06/26/2013
 Bill Amending Title 19.24 M-1 Light Industrial District 09/24/2012 
 Bill Amending Title 19.26 M-2 Heavy Industrial District 09/24/2012
 Bill Amending Title 19.25 M-3 Restricted Industrial District 09/24/2012
 Bill Amending Chapter 19.32 Planned Development 04/15/2011
 Bill Amending Chapter 19.36A Off-Street Parking and Loading 04/15/2011 
 Bill Amending Chapter 19.40 Conditional Permits 04/15/2011
 Bill Amending Chapter 19.45 Project District Processing Regulations 04/15/2011

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