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Legislation - Adopted
This information is provided as a resource for community involvement. Please note this information may be subject to change in the review process.

Adopted Legislation (Since 2011)

 Bill Amending Chapter 2.80B Public Hearing Requirements for Amendments to the Maui Island Plan 12/22/2014
 Bill Amending Section 2.80B.030 Applicability of the General Plan to Ministerial Permits and Approvals  12/22/2014
 Bill Amending Title 19.14 Hotel Districts 02/08/2014
 Bill Amending Title 19.18 B-2 Community Business District 12/09/2013
 Bill Amending Title 19.22 B-R Resort Commercial District  12/09/2013 
 Bill Amending Title 19.10 Two Family (Duplex) District 11/01/2013
 Bill Amending Title 19.12 Apartment District 11/01/2013 
 Bill Amending Title 19 Transient Vacation Rentals 09/27/2013
 Bill Amending Section 19.04.040 General Provisions and Definitions; Amending Section 19.31 Public/Quasi-Public District 06/26/2013
 Bill Repealing Chapter 19.02; Amending Title 19 Regulations Generally & General Provisions & Definitions  06/26/2013
 Bill Amending Title 19.24 M-1 Light Industrial District 09/24/2012 
 Bill Amending Title 19.26 M-2 Heavy Industrial District 09/24/2012
 Bill Amending Title 19.25 M-3 Restricted Industrial District 09/24/2012
 Bill Amending Chapter 19.32 Planned Development 04/15/2011
 Bill Amending Chapter 19.36A Off-Street Parking and Loading 04/15/2011 
 Bill Amending Chapter 19.40 Conditional Permits 04/15/2011
 Bill Amending Chapter 19.45 Project District Processing Regulations 04/15/2011

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